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VIP  Entrees

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V.I.P. distributes only USDA choice or higher quality meats, 5 Star gourmet chicken entrees, and some of the finest seafood from around the world.

We take great pride in knowing we deliver quality food products to your home.



V.I.P. has developed a regularly serviced routing system to better accommodate your needs.

Use this convenient price list and do your shopping right at home.

We will deliver to your home or office.

 Value - Now More Affordable

VIP believes that time is money... What's  your time worth?

Consider the time it takes to shop, multiplied by the numerous trips to the market, 

and with the rising of fuel... buying from VIP is a very wise choice.


Consult us about our Quantity Discounts!

Free Home Delivery!

Thank you for shopping with us! 

Meat and Poultry Variety

About VIP Entrees

Our Philosophy

V.I.P. Entrees is a home delivery food service, located in Pleasanton California. We have been serving thousands of Satisfied Customers in the Bay Area for over 30 years.

Our Goal is Simple: To offer you the opportunity to purchase tender juicy steaks, elegant seafood, and a line of gourmet chicken entrees that you have never seen before…in the convenience of your own home! 

That’s Right …A Shop at Home Gourmet Meat & Seafood Company!

We specialize in people who hate to shop…Enjoy quality foods and appreciate the convenience of Home Delivery.

At V.I.P. we carry portion-controlled steaks, seafood, chicken entrees, pork, lamb, and much more!

We have entrees that go directly from the freezer to the oven…and ready for your family or guests to enjoy in 40 minutes or less!

Just Imagine…You will be able to serve Five-Star Restaurant Quality entrees in the convenience of your own home at a fraction of what it would cost you to take your family or friends out to eat.

Contact Us!

Call - 800-675-9975 / Cell 925-872-7755

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